How to start your own Cosmetic line!

Learn Step by Step on how to launch your own Cosmetic line for less than $1,000

What you will learn in this course!

In this course you will learn step by step on how to launch your very own Cosmetic line. You will learn where to start, the amount of money you need, the difference between private labeling, wholesaling and custom formulation.  We will go through private labeling 101, how to chose the RIGHT manufacturer for your business, where to find reliable manufacturing. Everything you need to know about launching your very own cosmetic line will be taught in this course! After taking this course you should know:

  •  The difference between custom formulation and Private Labeling 
  • How to pick the RIGHT vendor for company 
  • The importance of researching in your field 
  • How to scale your Cosmetic line
  • How to get your line in local stores and Major retailers
  • Is Private Labeling right for you? 


What will you as a student get from this course? 

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur it seems! Everyday a new business is birthed and a new product launched. Although, this is a wonderful journey to be on I do often wonder about the future of all these budding entrepreneurs. Do they understand Marketing? Have they had any training in their fields? Do they completely understand their audience and how to serve them? Starting a product line isn't as easy as it seems. In this course I will take you through the Up's and down's of developing a product line. In addition to learning the ropes I will take you through some of my mistakes so that you don't make the same ones. This course is FULL of information so sit back, grab a pen, paper and get ready to START YOUR BEAUTY LINE! 

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Renata  Eileena
Renata Eileena
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About the instructor

Renata Eileena is a fashionpreneur who started her business in 2014 as a custom shoe designer. Two time entrepreneur both of Renata's brands have been featured on Major and local networks. Her custom shoe line has been featured by Social media Maven Karen Civil, VH1, FOX29 Philadelphia and so much more all in under a year! Although, Renata has a love for fashion and creativity the beauty industry has always been a passion of hers. From a child Renata would dream of starting a beauty line and in September of 2016 just that happened! Possible Cosmetics begin trail blazing by becoming the first black owned Cosmetic line to ever launch in the 2nd largest mall in America (King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania). To date Possible Cosmetics is now available in two local retailers. Renata is a published author, speaker and educator. 

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